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You can be Better

I really don’t care whether you believe me or not – you can be better than you are today. You can be more valuable, more consistent, more loyal, more kind, more considerate. It’s not what you say to others or behind someone’s back that determines how remarkable you are. It’s in your own beliefs that […]


  There’s always hype when there’s something good.  But gratitude is more than hype. It’s a reflection. And we can never show enough gratitude to those who make a difference in our lives.  To show appreciation for those who help us “BE.” When we look back and see how much we have accomplished we must […]

You Have the Right to Make Money | A Case for Online Community Builders

I am an online community builder.  I help people make connections, I support local professionals and I am passionate about helping others learn how to do these things online.  It’s something I believe is a valuable service and, when done correctly, I believe it’s a service people, those who understand the core value of community, connections […]

#Periscope: Lessons on Humanity

There’s been a sense of criticism surrounding the concept of “building others up instead of tearing them down.” I guess those who criticize this idea, believe people should have their own sense of self and be confident enough in themselves without needing anyone to “build them up.” I would agree with this if society was […]

People Over Profit: This Could Change the World

People Over Profit reak the System. Live with Purpose. Be More Successful. Can you imagine a world (or a city) in which all business owners, CEO’s, Presidents and Entrepreneurs embrace this business philosophy? When I connect with messages like this, I get a feeling I can’t describe – a reassurance that I am not crazy […]

Why I am Voting for Howard Wiggs

I am voting for Howard Wiggs for Mayor of Lakeland and Here is Why. (For me, it’s not about popularity… it’s about mindset) If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I am someone who tries NOT to take sides.  I am someone who looks for ways for everyone to win.  But we all […]

Wendy Mercer – AHS Class of 93 is Here for You

Auburndale Class of 1993 classmate, Wendy Mercer has lost one daughter, and another is in critical condition after an automobile accident Sunday evening.  Please read the details of the accident, here.  http://www.baynews9.com/content/news/baynews9/news/article.html/content/news/articles/bn9/2013/9/2/two_killed_three_inj.html Our Prayers are with you, Wendy. This button will allow you to make a donation in any amount.  Please keep Wendy and her […]

Have you Heard of the Connection Economy?

We are the Connection Economy. Today, our connections give us the ability to play a critical role in the impact “average” people with exceptional passion, working together, can make in our community. If you care about something, find others who care about the same things. Collaborate – Find a way to fit your ideas with […]

We Are Plan B: We Can Change the World

It’s Time Everyday People Began to Believe: We Can Change the World!   Maybe you know this about me, maybe you don’t. But all this stuff I talk about with the Lakeland Business Leaders and Winter Haven Business Leaders etc… is about the bigger picture. It’s really not about any one of us. If we […]