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Could a Cash Mob Boost Morale for Lakeland?

It may seem simplistic, idealistic, and even downright silly, but I want to talk about the good things we, as Lakelanders do!  We have so much to be proud of, and the recent scandal has made us question our city.  The fact is, the city is still great.  The people are what makes that a […]

Self-Help Books or Self-Hurt Books?

That Self-Help Book is Hurting You! You read that right.  Books that seem like they should be helping, might actually be hurting us, especially when our purpose for reading is only to validate our feelings – and those feelings are not productive, or positive. I was married in 2001 and looked forward to children following […]

A Rich Sense of Community | What Makes People Stay?

What Makes People Stay? Today, I attended the Downtown Lakeland Partnership’s General Meeting at Trinity Presbyterian Church.  Tim Rice,  the Pastor, spoke on the topic of building a rich sense of community.  He suggested that one of the challenges we face in society today is “rootlessness.” There is no strong sense of belonging, or establishment […]

Making a Strong Case for Starting

In the last few years I have discovered several books that have helped me give myself “permission” to listen to my heart and begin following my own path – not someone else’s idea of what would be the best path for me.  It started when I discovered Simon Sinek and his TED Talk on the […]

Whose Job is it to get you on the Horse?

When I was a teacher, I worked hard to inspire my students to take responsibility for their actions, to own their success (and failure).  I remember one year in which I was especially frustrated with the lack of initiative of my students. It wasn’t just one class.  There was a culture among the seventh graders […]

On Becoming a Leader

What is a Leader? What ingredients are required in the recipe for Leadership?  I recently attended a luncheon in Lakeland in which Marco Rubio spoke (eloquently and passionately – without notes – and plenty of water) about what Leadership is.  He explained that Leadership does not divide, Leadership exists in those who lead on principles, […]