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Facebook: Are you Putting your Best Face Forward?

Who you are on Facebook is who you are in public. There is a lot of talk about Facebook these days.  Not only has the social platform changed the way we socialize, but it has changed the way we do business as well as how we discover new businesses, sell our furniture, or ask for […]

Facebook Pages: More than Just Another Wall!

The Benefits of Customizing Your Facebook Fan Page   Creating a Facebook fan page for your business is absolutely free. The problem is that most pages look the same, with a “wall” for comments and places for photos. If you’re lucky, someone will start a conversation in the “discussions” tab, too. These pages are, simply […]

Shooting Video is Like Learning to Kayak!

I have been watching video experts for a while now. I am by no means an expert, but I am surprised at how easy it is. In this video, I explain why I do what I do as an Internet marketing consultant for offline businesses. The audio is not perfect, there are some elements missing, but I am proud of this production and I wanted to share it with you today. As I create more, I will feel more confident, the camera work will become more professional, the lighting, the audio, everything will improve. But for now, I am thrilled to know that I have been watching the experts long enough to emerge and share my message with you.

Optimize your Facebook Page

I offer a tip to local businesses each day in a group called the Lakeland Business “Lead”ers.  I try to offer ideas to help businesses leverage the power of Facebook to enhance and grow their Internet presence.  If you are a business professional in Lakeland and want an opportunity to network with other people in Lakeland […]

Using Lists on Facebook

Using Lists to Categorize your “Friends” Today’s reality is, that the Facebook meaning of “friends” has transcended it’s traditional meaning. Many people are afraid of connecting with people they barely (or don’t) know. However, the power in Facebook is in the ability to connect and build real relationships beyond the traditional “hitting the pavement” methods […]