Do The Hard Work First

There’s no easy way to change. In this world of fast, quick, cheap, and watered-down opportunities, the only way to really make a difference is to commit to the hard work.

The good news is that everyone else is looking for fast, quick, cheap, watered down, and the competition is fierce for everyone else.

But we’re not everyone else. 

If you want to stand out, do the hard work first.

If you’re still convinced there’s an easier way, that shortcut, that quick-fix, that easy button – might be doing you a disservice.

The best way to stand out isn’t to be another cog in the wheel.

The bubble burst years ago.

Grit, perseverance, and acknowledgment that the human connection — however, slow it might feel — is the best way toward abundance, light, love, and the realization that Awesome exists in this world.

So, when you decide to write down your manifesto, make sure to include…

Do the Hard Work First.

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