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Are You Listening?

Are you wondering what social media is all about? Meet Gary Vaynerchuk – A man who turned his passion for his business (Wine) into a multi-million dollar phenomenon. He’s passionate and what he is saying makes sense!  Are you listening to your customers? Do you really care about them?  If not, that might be why […]

Are You Brave Enough to be a Follower?

Let’s Start a Movement!   I recently came across this video and feel it really encompasses the efforts of local Internet marketing professionals.  We are called visionaries, but the thing is, the time is now and in larger cities, the strategies we are utilizing have already been picked up by bigger, popular brands.  The marketing […]

New Year’s Resolution

My New Year’s Resolution for 2010 This year, there is a lot to accomplish!  But I have to say my number one priority will be to bring more awareness about technology to Lakeland.  This city seems to want to be trendy, and in many ways, it really is! But, for various reasons, continues to lag […]

Why Social Media Matters

Why is Social Media Important to YOU? Connecting with your customer, building relationships and establishing trust is nothing new!  Traditional Marketing is not DEAD, it has had to evolve to keep up with the people!  Your customers are looking for something… and it’s not just about who has the best products or the best prices. […]

Tips for Growing your Facebook Page

5 Tips to Help you Grow your Facebook Page Tip # 1: Build an Active Wall An active wall creates social proof –it’s hard to fake, so it’s a sign of a successful Facebook page and a successful business. Here’s how to create activity: Encourage people to Like your page. Post useful, interesting content from […]

Mobile – The New Wave in Advertising

What is Mobile Marketing? A media consumer is overwhelmed with content on a daily basis. There are games, websites, text messages, and phone calls that are all bombarding the user at one time. A popular emergence in the advertising field is that of the use of Mobile Advertising. Over the past couple of years the […]