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This Might Not Matter — Refusing Apathy


In my experience, the world is filled with unresolved conflict. I am not referring to Syria, or Health Care or Crime Rates, or Unemployment. These are certainly unresolved conflicts — cultural, economic, and government concerns that are, of course, as great a concern to me as they likely are to you.

However, this post is about the internal conflicts — the ones we can (if we choose to) collectively work to resolve, in order to better manage the issues that seem to be getting more and more out of control. The conflicts that, left unchecked lead to apathy.

A world of whatevermeh, and blank stares, order takers, and time-card-punching is not a world-inspired. Far from it. But this is the world I see around me.

And, that’s why passion matters.

When I look around me, at the people I connect to and at the friends I spend time with — sadly, most of them probably won’t read this. It’s not something that I worry much about, but it’s an acknowledgment that I must make and address within my heart — how do I handle the fact that the words I write are of little to no interest to the people I am closest, and with whom I spend the most time? And, how do I keep going without their support, or even the mildest of interest? They too are apathetic. I am not judging, merely observing. There’s more interest in watching Reality TV than there is in creating REALITY conversations. But, how does one singularly resolve this? Solitary confinement?

It’s an unresolved conflict — and the answer is, for the most part, I just keep going.

I see greatness in the world. Beauty and sunshine in the faces of my friends. And, when they start beaming, and feeling a little pride, or passion, I see them flinch, almost visibly, and they apologize for getting so excited about something so “trivial.” My heart wants to encourage them, inspire them to kindle this fire within them, and help them see what is percolating there if only they would allow it to grow. I want to be surrounded by this energy.

We have one job — to shine our light in the world. We have to do this, whether or not the world around us is watching, caring, listening, or even aware.

Apathy is our biggest enemy. And yet, most of us see that apathy in the faces of our loved ones and we apply it to — ourselves. We won’t allow ourselves to express our exuberance, or feel the temptation of trying something new, or taking a risk — or a stand. We’re afraid of being ourselves.

But I implore you — PLEASE don’t let this fear steal who you were born to be.

We cannot let their apathy steal our joy. We cannot give the energy vampires the power to take away our passion, and our desire to make a difference. We cannot just give in and “go along to get along!”

And, we must fortify our friends, and support their dreams and desires, and encourage that flame to ignite into a fire.

We all have one job — and it is the same job: To love this life with all our might, and to “not go gentle into that good night.”

We are here to “rage, rage against the dying of the light.” Without the light, there is nothing we can do to create a world designed for living.

And, I am on the team that wants to live in a world that celebrates living. IF you’re with me, believing in a life worth living, share this with your friend. Start a conversation about something important to you. Don’t apologize for pulling them away from the screen. Give yourself permission to be someone who invites others to share their ideas, and by doing so, you will unconsciously begin to give yourself that same grace. We need you.

It’s your turn. It’s OUR Turn.