You Have the Right to Make Money | A Case for Online Community Builders

I am an online community builder.  I help people make connections, I support local professionals and I am passionate about helping others learn how to do these things online.  It’s something I believe is a valuable service and, when done correctly, I believe it’s a service people, those who understand the core value of community, connections […]

Your Life Called… It’s Waiting For You to Claim It!

I recently had the opportunity to speak at a local seminar series called Yes Yes! YES!.  The topic was Claim your Life.  I had fun preparing for the talk and the experience was both liberating and invigorating.  Today, I have renewed energy to share my passion for claiming the Awesome! that I believe is in everyone.  I wanted to […]

#Periscope: Lessons on Humanity

There’s been a sense of criticism surrounding the concept of “building others up instead of tearing them down.” I guess those who criticize this idea, believe people should have their own sense of self and be confident enough in themselves without needing anyone to “build them up.” I would agree with this if society was […]