Go Local or Die: A Simple Lesson About Supply and Demand

I love Publix’s Peppermint Stick ice cream. I look forward to the holidays every year because of this one item! When I was a little girl, this ice cream taught me a lesson about supply and demand that I have never forgotten. Society has changed a lot since the early 80’s, and I think we need to […]

You can be Better

I really don’t care whether you believe me or not – you can be better than you are today. You can be more valuable, more consistent, more loyal, more kind, more considerate. It’s not what you say to others or behind someone’s back that determines how remarkable you are. It’s in your own beliefs that […]


  There’s always hype when there’s something good.  But gratitude is more than hype. It’s a reflection. And we can never show enough gratitude to those who make a difference in our lives.  To show appreciation for those who help us “BE.” When we look back and see how much we have accomplished we must […]