Be Part of the Solution

In response to the commentary found on an Editorial published today on the I share these thoughts.  The Internet is powerful.  I believe we must use it for good.  In our country, we can speak freely. Yet, it seems more people choose to speak freely negatively than to create positive change.  This message is my small effort […]

A Note for People with a Dream – and Those who Love Them

I’m inspired today thinking about the boys in the movie McFarland, USA. 7 boys whose families had never been past 9th grade, found a way to college. Their status quo could have swallowed them. Instead, they created a new status quo. With a coach who believed in them, a brand new cross country team from […]

My “Crazy” Vision for Lakeland

“Authenticity doesn’t mean listening to people and parroting back what we hear. It means telling people what we believe and then waiting to see who is attracted by what we espouse and who isn’t. This is why we are drawn to an authentic brand over a non-authentic brand” I watched this video, and as always […]