Social Media is for Local Business

                                              What in the world is Social Media? Let’s face it, people really want to be listened to.  Social Media allows everyone to share experiences they want to talk about so that others can benefit from their experience.  They may want to help […]

Marketing in Lakeland, FL

During these times, many local businesses in Lakeland, FL can no longer just rely on word-of-mouth referrals. They need to take advantage of every business opportunity they can. Your marketing plan will need to include not only the traditional marketing methodology

SEO on all Search Engines for Best Results

Don’t debate which search engine you like the most, use them all for best results. When conducting research on appropriate keywords for one of our clients, it occurred to me that as SEO experts, its imperative that we see the project from every angle.  This means looking at the company we are promoting from Google, […]