Chrissanne Long is the CEO of Maximize Digital Media, a digital marketing company specializing in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs with the creation of measurable, meaningful marketing strategies that keep people at the forefront of every campaign, because, as she frequently reminds the team and her clients –

“Marketing, no matter where it is, is about people. If we forget the people, we might as well forget marketing.”

Chrissanne is passionate about helping people and businesses find success online.  With a Bachelors Degree in English from Florida State University (Go Noles!) and a Masters Degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University, she has found her own success in helping clients develop marketing campaigns that put their customers first.  She believes, at the core of every successful business transaction, a relationship exists.  When businesses focus on high-value content, user experience and delighting their customers, transformative results are inevitable.  Businesses that start with why, focus on customers, and celebrate the human experience in their marketing achieve greater results than those who focus solely on metrics, ROI and transactions.

Prior to embracing her entrepreneurial spirit, she shared her passion with middle school students, teaching English and Reading in the Polk County School System.  Even though she’s no longer in the classroom, her passion for teaching has not waned.