My “Crazy” Vision for Lakeland

“Authenticity doesn’t mean listening to people and parroting back what we hear. It means telling people what we believe and then waiting to see who is attracted by what we espouse and who isn’t. This is why we are drawn to an authentic brand over a non-authentic brand”

I watched this video, and as always was inspired by Simon Sinek…

The thing is, I am driven by something I believe in with my whole being.  It doesn’t exist.  It might be impossible to attain, but I can see it.

My vision for Lakeland’s Small Businesses – LBL:

A COMMUNITY, in which everyone can participate. Where leaders listen, and together, transparently look for solutions. Where being human is celebrated, not belittled. Where encouragement eliminates fear, and risk of failure does not stifle, but is understood as part of growth. Where everyone who believes in and is willing to work to support the community is welcome. Where no one begrudges the success of another, but rather celebrates it – and feels PART of it. Where a LEADER is defined by what a person is capable of, not only what they have already accomplished.

This is what I can see on the other side of this amazing community. It’s what I work for EVERY single day.

Simon Sinek Inspires me and compels me to believe in myself, because when you ask my why, when you take some time to really get to the heart of what drives me, it is because I truly believe in the people of our community and that we are all part of the solution for our economy.

It’s terrifying, and yet thrilling to stop and think about what my vision is for the community of LBL.  But… I believe in myself, and I believe in the people who read this and say, “YES. That is me. I want that too.” Because THOSE are the folks that will help us create the community we all want for ourselves and our future!!!

Thanks for the inspiration, Simon, but more importantly…

To whoever is reading this: THANK YOU for reading this and believing in me.



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  1. Pops
    Pops says:

    I have always believed in you! Your potential has always amazed me, I hope I live long enough to see you reach it…so you’d better get started!


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