People Over Profit: This Could Change the World

People Over Profit

Break the System. Live with Purpose. Be More Successful.

Can you imagine a world (or a city) in which all business owners, CEO’s, Presidents and Entrepreneurs embrace this business philosophy? When I connect with messages like this, I get a feeling I can’t describe – a reassurance that I am not crazy to believe that people really matter – Thanks Dale, for leading the way to #PeopleOverProfit…

If you’re in Lakeland, join us on August 7th for a discussion of this book, and the business philosophies contained within the brilliantly written pages. Our facilitator will be Nicole Welch, with Rap with Nic – a Podcast covering Real Men Only.

Spend 7 minutes watching this video as Dale discusses the context, and the application of this philosophy. I guarantee you’ll find value in his words. I did.

When I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I had several conversations – with myself.

They went something like this:

“You – in business? Are you kidding? Crazy, Crazy, Crazy.”


It’s not personal, it’s business’ – they say this all the time, but it can’t be true! Everyone is a human being before they’re a business owner! How in the world can businesses expect to succeed if they are only looking at their bottom line? I totally get ROI – but don’t people matter? Aren’t THEY what impacts the bottom line the most?”

and my personal favorite….

“If there’s any way you’re going to succeed in business, it’s going to be by being yourself. Don’t (PLEASE DON’T) lose sight of the things that matter most. Don’t get all caught up in making money and forget who you are. Make money, but not at the expense of others, or yourself.”

It’s been 6 years since I started that journey. And I have learned that I am not crazy – well, no crazier than any other entrepreneur – and I am good at what I do. I am proud of the work I do, and the 2 companies my partner, Craig and I continue to build.

Finding people like Dale, who write books like People Over Profit, who share my personal philosophies, who have similar passions, and who are breaking the rules of the establishment, and creating a new system – one that I can embrace and to which I can be contributor, is a sign that I am on the right track, keeping things real – and giving the best of me to my clients and to my community – because at the end of the day, people, are what make the world go ’round. Profit is just a byproduct of everything else. And living a life of purpose, on purpose has been the greatest gift I have ever given to myself.

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