Have you Heard of the Connection Economy?

We are the Connection Economy.

Today, our connections give us the ability to play a critical role in the impact “average” people with exceptional passion, working together, can make in our community.

If you care about something, find others who care about the same things. Collaborate – Find a way to fit your ideas with those who are already working. If it’s passion driving each of you, there will be no question whether you’ll be welcomed. If it’s greed, or ego, or something self-serving, move on. If they (or you) are working for the “bottom line,” or “ROI,” or to be the “first,” they (or you) won’t be around very long. It’s people with a Cause that will last. If no one already working is open to collaboration, don’t be afraid to start something new… but don’t start something new until you’ve explored what others are doing.

Look inside the people with whom you connect.  Passion is not something you can always find on the surface.  Look deeper. Exceptional people often hide their greatness because challenging the status quo has traditionally been a sure way to be passed over. Greatness intimidates the status quo. It’s time to celebrate greatness again. People with ideas, starters, rebels – they have the ability to inspire. And we need inspiration in our communities!

It is the passion that we share that will make it possible to create meaningful change.

It’s time to consider a different success grid. It’s time we realized no one has to be pre-selected to become great. None of the heroes we believe in were chosen at an early age to become our heroes. They chose to do the work, believe in their passion and refused to listen to the cynics who told them it was impossible. Don’t you know, heroes aren’t born? It’s not a birth-right to do something great.  It’s a decision. Fueled by passion, drive and courage.

We can be courageous.

We can take the risks.

We can choose ourselves.

We can make a difference.

We can create positive change.

What is your passion?  What kind connections do you need to start making a difference?  We are all connected.  It just takes a few, dedicated people who are willing to do something no one else is willing to do.  Something that will create a solution, something bigger than just you and me.  Are you willing to make a difference?  Share your ideas, make a new connection and begin believing you are enough.

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