Could a Cash Mob Boost Morale for Lakeland?

It may seem simplistic, idealistic, and even downright silly, but I want to talk about the good things we, as Lakelanders do!  We have so much to be proud of, and the recent scandal has made us question our city.  The fact is, the city is still great.  The people are what makes that a fact.  I am tired of hearing all of the reactions to the LPD scandal.  It’s a mess and that’s all there is to it. It will be resolved. In the mean time, I think we ought to come together for a common cause.  How about supporting our local businesses?


I think we need to look around us and remind ourselves what makes Lakeland a place to feel proud of.

We recently sent Up With People students who were here in the spring to ask people in Downtown Lakeland what they loved about Lakeland.  The common answer was the people.  The people are what makes Lakeland special, and it’s the people who can stand together for a common cause and make a difference. So, let’s Cash Mob somebody!  If you need an explanation, read on.  If you’re looking for the details, here they are:

What: Cash Mob at Lighthouse Ministries Thrift Store at Shepherd Road.

RSVP on Facebook:

Address: 1637 Shepherd Road, Lakeland FL 33811

Phone: (863) 687-4076

Time: 10:00-6:00 (To be part of the “Mob,” join us at 9:45!)

What is a Ca$h Mob?

The simple definition is that a Ca$h Mob is a grassroots effort to make more people in our community aware of the local businesses that make our cities unique, by scheduling a “Mob” that targets one local business.  The idea is simple – on the day of the “Mob” everyone who wants to participate simply shows up at the secret location at a previously scheduled time and spends $10 or more at the “Hit” (the business that has been nominated by people in each city.)  The results?  The receiving business (“the Hit”) has a GREAT day, (and a lot of new customers!) but the people who participate are able to show their support for the local business, and be a part of something meaningful.  The overall energy at these events is so positive and dynamic, it’s hard not to notice how important each person is in making an impact.

The residual affects of these Mobs, however are the most important and meaningful:  People start thinking about local businesses and how their purchases, however small, DO matter to the mom and pop shops in town.  They begin to connect with their desire to be a part of a community and NOT just another number.  Each person who attends the Ca$h Mob takes away something different.  But all of them begin to think about the local businesses that they might have been neglecting before, simply because it’s more convenient to shop at a Big Box Store.  Slowly, through consistent participation in these events and by continuing to raise awareness of the local options we have, our community strengthens and our shopping habits shift.  It’s a subtle difference at first, but the impact, when enough people choose to embrace their community, is long lasting, and sustainable.

How are Businesses Chosen?

There is a Facebook group called Polk Cash Mobs Group in which we ask for nominations.

Businesses who qualify:

1. Must have local owner – Franchises are acceptable as long as the owner is 100% local.

2. Must have merchandise that retails for $20 or lower.

3. Must be located in Lakeland, FL

4. Must have a storefront – **online businesses will not be considered for Cash Mobs at this time.

5. Must have reasonable accessibility and parking options that will serve a group of “mobbers.”

6. They must be involved in the community in some way.  (Civic organizations, Charities, Donations, Volunteer, etc)

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact Chrissanne Long for details: 863-606-8672

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