Facebook Pages: More than Just Another Wall!

The Benefits of Customizing Your Facebook Fan Page
Creating a Facebook fan page for your business is absolutely free. The problem is that most pages look the same, with a “wall” for comments and places for photos. If you’re lucky, someone will start a conversation in the “discussions” tab, too. These pages are, simply put, somewhat boring.
The most successful Facebook fan pages are the ones that have been customized. They include modified landing pages, encouraging visitors to take advantage of a special discount or deal offered only to those who LIKE the page, before sending them to the main wall. Many include special tabs for coupons and some even run regular contests. The pages can be colorful, bright, and engaging – much like little websites contained within the social media platform.
In fact, they make it possible to continue your company’s branding efforts right inside of Facebook… making your fan page a natural extension of your main website.
Ease of Use
The truth is that most people using the web today have relatively short attention spans. If they are on your fan page, they’ll want to find all of the information needed right there. While some will gladly go visit your company’s main website, others will reject the idea of being redirected elsewhere. Customizing your Facebook fan page will make your visitors feel as though they’ve landed on your website. You can add videos and information specific to different localities, if you want. The trick is to make your visitors feel like they’ve found a one-stop-shop for information about what you do. Don’t forget to include a customized contact page so that your potential clients can get in touch without leaving a public message on your wall.
You’ll Earn More Followers
Customizing your Facebook fan page will play a significant role in helping you to grow your fan base. The more engaging your content, the more likely people will be to participate in your discussions. Some major corporations offer free samples (via mail) to those who LIKE their pages and fill out registration forms.
The goal here is twofold. You’re not only generating interest in your products but you will also create a platform for the receipt of feedback. Those who receive those samples will likely come back and share their thoughts about the product. You can use this information to make changes or enhancements. Those who love what you are offering will, of course, turn into regular customers.
Of course, the same outcome can be achieved by giving away a coupon (or other gift) that is “downloadable” online. You can require your new “fan” to LIKE your page before they receive their gift or you can add an email “optin” form and require that they subscribe to your email database.
Encouraging Interaction
A customized Facebook fan page will encourage your visitors to spend time on your page, interacting with your company and with other fans. It’s also a great way to encourage your fans to participate in the growth of your page. Jillian Michaels, for example, has a space on her fan page where those who have used her products and workout DVDs can post before and after pictures. Not only is she encouraging user participation, but she’s gathering proof of the effectiveness of her products for those who are still on the edge.
Growing Your Fanbase & Gaining New Customers
According to CNN, Facebook now receives more website traffic than Google’s search engine. This is why it is so important for you to ensure that your company has a presence there. Facebook users are going to talk about the products and companies they love, and they are much more apt to speak well of those who engage them in a fun and informative way.
Another benefit comes from the “viral” effect on Facebook. As each new fan LIKES your page, that information is displayed on THEIR wall. In turn, their friends will see that they LIKED your fan page and this will bring you new customers and the ability to grow your fanbase virally.

Customizing your Facebook presence will give you a better chance of surviving in the growing marketplace – and you’ll simply love the way your enhanced page looks.

Chrissanne Long is co-founder of Marketing System Blueprints, a full-service Internet marketing company, offering opportunities for local businesses to expand their online reach and survive in a down economy.  Online lead generation requires multiple steps. Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Video marketing and Article marketing are all important elements in ANY business’s Online marketing plan.  Contact Chrissanne Today for more information about Customizing your Facebook Page, or any other Internet marketing strategy you have been considering!

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    I am learning so much from you.  Can't wait to meet you next Tuesday. 
    So how do I customize my page?  I didn't know you could do that?  Is it just for fan pages or is it for business pages as well?
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