Are You Brave Enough to be a Follower?

Let’s Start a Movement!


I recently came across this video and feel it really encompasses the efforts of local Internet marketing professionals.  We are called visionaries, but the thing is, the time is now and in larger cities, the strategies we are utilizing have already been picked up by bigger, popular brands.  The marketing efforts that are becoming so familiar and that are being enjoyed by consumers (Facebook pages, Text Message Coupons, Mobile Ads in Applications, Deal Sharing) ARE available to smaller businesses as well.

When we embrace something as a consumer, we must also realize as businessmen and women that our customers will most likely embrace those same concepts if we utilize them on a local level.  Yet it seems many businesses are waiting.  Waiting for someone else to pave the way.  The businesses that will reap the greatest rewards are the early adopters, the ones the set the bar for everyone else.  Once someone else emerges as the leader, they will get all the credit.  If you don’t believe it, you aren’t paying attention!


Chrissanne Long has a Master’s Degree in Internet Marketing and is a co-founder of local Internet marketing company Marketing System Blueprints. Her passion is helping local businesses understand the importance of having and improving their online presence. Her company focuses on all elements of a business’s Internet marketing plan, to enhance their Search Engine Rankings (SEO) and Brand awareness across several platforms – Video, Mobile and Social Media.

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