New Year’s Resolution

My New Year’s Resolution for 2010

This year, there is a lot to accomplish!  But I have to say my number one priority will be to bring more awareness about technology to Lakeland.  This city seems to want to be trendy, and in many ways, it really is! But, for various reasons, continues to lag behind when it comes to emerging technology and new media – in spite of the many talented and passionate people who seem to be aware of the technology that exists. This year, I want to connect the community of Lakeland with the businesses in Lakeland.  No matter how I look at it (from a marketer’s perspective or from a consumer’s perspective) traditional communication offers huge opportunities for everyone interested in learning about the newest trends and emerging technology that will enhance the ways we are accustomed to communicating.

So, while this year will be focusing on growing my Internet marketing and consulting business, I want to dedicate some time to speaking engagements that will enable me to introduce some new concepts and enhance the awareness of mobile technology (and other related topics).  I want to get people in Lakeland thinking differently about how we do things around here.  From connecting customers to the local businesses that have what they need here in Lakeland (“Buy Lakeland, it Makes Good Cents”), to organizations that want to keep their members better informed about their events, to groups of people with common interests and ideas having opportunities to share with other like-minded people, we can connect like never before and I want to help get that started in Lakeland.  Since “a confused mind says “no”, I plan on “enlightening” those that might be interested in keeping up with the rest of the world

Chrissanne Long has a Master’s Degree in Internet Marketing and is a co-founder of local Internet marketing company Marketing System Blueprints. Her passion is helping local businesses understand the importance of having and improving their online presence. Her company focuses on all elements of a business’s Internet marketing plan, to enhance their Search Engine Rankings (SEO) and Brand awareness across several platforms – Video, Mobile and Social Media.

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