Cross-Channel Marketing: Get Maximum Results with Your Marketing Dollars


Cross-Channel Integration, in my opinion, is important within the context of the Internet as well as the traditional mediums of radio, television and print that take a business beyond the Internet world. What I mean by that is there are several different “Internet channels” that are essential to any business’s Internet Marketing Plan (IMP). Those channels, as I have discussed, are Mobile marketing, Video Marketing and distribution and Social Media Marketing.

I try to emphasize the importance of re-purposing content as much as possible with my clients. I have had several clients opt for traditional marketing choices, such as radio, TV and newspaper advertising. What seems to be ignored with the implementation of these channels, is the integration with the Internet channels! Why not take the commercial’s movie file, the audio from the radio, or graphical elements of any non-Internet marketing efforts and reuse them within the Internet!??

Say a local business wants to run advertisements in a local newspaper, gets a radio spot and a commercial on a local television channel. The amount of money invested in those should get an immediate return on the investment, but what about when that advertisement has finished running? If the business is looking at this from a strategic marketing perspective, they should be looking at rolling all of those productions into their IMP. The print ad can have a QR code, the TV and radio can have a call to action that calls the audience to text XXXXX to 12345 for a coupon, or special offer. Then, the video of the commercial can be published to YouTube and other video sharing sites, posted to Twitter, Facebook, Social Bookmarking accounts, etc.

The thing most businesses need to realize is that the SEO power of all of these efforts will never expire and it will continue to benefit the company long after the advertisements are gone.

Chrissanne Long is the co-founder of Marketing System Blueprints, a Lakeland-based Company providing Internet marketing services to local businesses in Polk County, and throughout the US.

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