Why Social Media Matters

Why is Social Media Important to YOU?

Connecting with your customer, building relationships and establishing trust is nothing new!  Traditional Marketing is not DEAD, it has had to evolve to keep up with the people!  Your customers are looking for something… and it’s not just about who has the best products or the best prices.  They are looking to interact with you and your other customers/visitors, they want to share, or read other people’s opinions, acquire *free*, valuable content and receive acknowledgment.  They want to know you are listening!  Once they know you care about their existence, and you must, genuinely care, they will begin to buy from you because they trust that you will want to know about their experience with your products and services.  Using Social Media in your business is a strategy that sends the message: I CARE ABOUT MY CUSTOMERS.  If you can’t offer this, they will find plenty of others who will!

Everyone is Using the Internet

As I write this, I am thinking about all of the different people I know.  They all have one thing in common: old or young, techie or not, they all use the Internet for something. And, while there are many people who don’t care to spend their time sharing their opinions, writing reviews, or sounding off about their political views, I think it safe to say they all read what others are writing!  More and more people are looking for information about a company before they make any contact with that company.  Most want to know how doing business will benefit them.  What special offers exist, what information can they get before actually having to pay for anything? So, if you are not participating in Social Media to brand and promote your company, chances are, they will find someone else who offers this interaction and choose to do business with them instead of you!

Everyone likes free stuff.

No matter what, when information is available, people will take it if there are no strings attached, or money required.  But as a business, giving away free content can be costly.  Free doesn’t have to have no strings attached, however to get new business.  Free can mean discounts, coupons, contests, giveaways, loyalty programs, savings programs, “sneak previews”, and more!  The point is, people feel like they are getting a deal – because they are interacting with your company via the Web or Social Media Platforms.  Encouraging this interaction brings more traffic your way!  Once a person finds your *free* content, they are likely to share it with everyone they know that might be interested.  Why? Because it’s free!  They won’t feel like they are bothering their contacts, instead they will be helping them! What free content you give must be valuable, but that does not mean it must be expensive!  Creatively giving *free* content is a key to utilizing Social Media correctly.  Socializing is sharing.  What are you sharing with your followers?

Recognize your Fans/Followers!

The final point that you need to consider is that your customers want to be recognized!  People are putting their faces on their profiles, offering their opinions and leaving their Twitter Feeds and other social media profiles for a reason – They want to interact.  So, if they follow you, follow them back, thank them for following, ask them if you can provide them with anything, send them *free* information!  Take advantage of the open door and connect with them!  Even better, see if they want to join your mailing list to have a chance to win some great prizes, or even take advantage of a Twitter followers only special!  Don’t ignore your followers, or they will stop following you and then they may be lost forever!  Recognizing that they want to be connected to you will make then happy that they did.  Now, start wowing them with other Social Media Marketing Strategies! Face it, this is easy lead generation!  Get out there where your customers can find you!


Chrissanne Long is a Media and Marketing Consultant

at Marketing System Blueprints

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