Tips for Growing your Facebook Page

5 Tips to Help you Grow your Facebook Page

Tip # 1: Build an Active Wall

An active wall creates social proof –it’s hard to fake, so it’s a sign of a successful Facebook page and a successful business. Here’s how to create activity:

  • Encourage people to Like your page.
  • Post useful, interesting content from various sources, regularly.
  • Monitor and participate in the comments on your Wall.

Tip # 2: Use Photos

Photos make your company and your products easier to understand. Here’s how:

  • If you have a physical product, use pictures to show how customers use it.
  • Collect images from customers to show customer satisfaction and engagement.
  • If you sell a service or can’t show pictures of your product, post pictures of your team at work. They will make your company easier to relate to.

Tip # 3: Use Video

Video makes your Facebook Page dynamic. Here are some different ways you can use it:

  • Post recordings of top-notch talks given by your team members.
  • Post videos that show your product in action.

Tip # 4: Highlight Offline Marketing

Facebook is a dynamic, social platform for marketers to take advantage of –but that doesn’t mean that
everything you feature on Facebook needs to be native to the web. You should also use Facebook to highlight
offline marketing. For example:

  • Highlight company sponsorships, community involvement and company events.
  • Highlight events organized by your company or that you’ll be attending.

Tip # 5: Use Calls to Action

Your Facebook Page should focus on engaging with visitors, but make sure you don’t forget to include
product information.

  • The best product information sections will have a clear, compelling Call to Action (CTA).
  • Many companies create a new Facebook tab for their CTA.
  • Many B2B companies use a Buy Now button or a Free Trial offer for their CTA.