Mobile – The New Wave in Advertising

What is Mobile Marketing?

A media consumer is overwhelmed with content on a daily basis. There are games, websites, text messages, and phone calls that are all bombarding the user at one time. A popular emergence in the advertising field is that of the use of Mobile Advertising. Over the past couple of years the emergence and growth of mobile advertising is amazing.

Online advertising started with pop-ups, and banner ads that are available on websites. Although with an internet capable phone these ads could be viewed, they are often overlooked or ignored by users. The use of mobile advertising began to really come into existence with the use of the SMS system. Which is an instant message that is sent directly to the phone. This allowed companies to send advertisements to consumers in an unobtrusive way that respected the privacy of the mobile users. By sending ads over an SMS system allows the ads to not only be viewed instantaneously but also does not interrupt what the user is doing at that current time. With this in mind the user is more likely to interact with the ads and view them then when they viewed them as an invasion of their time and privacy.

Mobile Advertising Grows in Popularity

It is estimated that in 2010 there will be over 4.8 billion mobile users. The advertising opportunities are endless with this amount of potential viewership. With the emergence of adding benefits or rewards to the ads this allows the viewers to want to interact with not only the product but the company that is involved with the advertising. Remembering that as technology changes the mobile advertising will change will allow companies to change with the times and keep the ads to the target audience that is the main focus of the advertising campaign. 

Although mobile advertising is becoming more and more popular as mobile devices become a regular staple in people’s every day life. The amount of money that is spent on advertising in the mobile range is still very little, as low as .05% by some companies. With the emergence of mobile advertising it is hard to tell what effect it will have on the companies bottom line. However as mobile devices become more popular and advertising moves with technology, mobile advertising will become more of a norm with companies.